ROSE OF SHARON. Book #3 of The Huachuca Trilogy

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ROSE OF SHARON, the third book in the Huachuca Trilogy, is a work of historical fiction set in the exquisitely beautiful Southeast Arizona Territory at the end of the 19th century. The Welty twins, Rose of Sharon and Jacob, are left alone after witnessing the murder of their parents until a wandering cowboy, Blake Harris, enters their lives. A new, fragile family emerges to face stressors of mental illness, another murder attempt, and clashes of culture and race. Jacob, burdened with a sense of guilt for his parent’s deaths, is drawn to Fort Huachuca and a military career. The passage of years finds Rose of Sharon developing her paranormal gifts, including contact with a fictional character from the future. Her precocious writing skills set her apart and, as with Jacob, she does not want to run the ranch. Loss, hardship and obstacles to her love for tri-racial White Buffalo mark her life path. Rose of Sharon’s story is one of struggles against all that would isolate her. Resolution comes in unanticipated and welcome ways.